CAVO Releases New Single “Comes Back On”

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CAVO released their new single “Comes Back On” to all major platforms via TLG/INgrooves along with the official music video.

“This was the song that I feel took the most work. The demo was done a while ago, and it had just fallen off my radar. A song like this really makes me appreciate the band and the relationship that we have. We worked really hard to get this one to a point where everyone was happy w/ it. The groove of this song really stands out to me and pushed me to try and write something that pushes back against it, but in a complimentary way. After all these years, it still amazes me that I can walk into a studio completely unsure of a song and walk out extremely happy and content w/ the final outcome,” says Casey Walker.

The creative force of Rock/Alternative from St. Louis is still creating and releasing new music. Humble beginnings to major label success to where they are now seems like a whirlwind but a lot of bands find themselves in these spaces. Bassist Brian Smith says “We are still a band releasing music we want to release and we hope people dig what we are doing”. Drummer Andy Herrin adds, “Every EP or record we do won’t be like one previously released and we have a lot of music to share and create.” “The great thing about the four of us in Cavo is that we’ve always been fully committed to this band,” explains bassist Brian Smith. “Even if we haven’t been in a spotlight for a bit and we have other projects going on, our bond is as tight as ever, and we’ve never stopped releasing music. We love writing together, playing together and just being together as friends, and that’s why we’ve been able to keep going together as long as we have.”

Cavo has teamed up with independent distributor TLG/INgrooves to expose all of these new crafted songs to a broader global audience. The band has released several songs from the first of 6 planned EPs. Three original and three cover EPs. The first original EP is titled The Shakes with songs “Not Over You”, “Dizzy” and the self-titled track “The Shakes” currently released and “Synchronicity II” and “Drive” from the bands CAVO Cover vol.1 EP also released. Casey adds “We are almost finished with our second original EP and after that we start work on the second covers EP.” “It’s just a really cool creative thing we have here and we are really excited to share what we are doing with everyone,” adds Chris.

It’s safe to say the CAVO boys are simply writing and recording new material and plan to release tons of new music in 2023 and for unforeseeable future!

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