DOPE Releases “Best Of Me” Video, featuring Juliana “Killer” Miller

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With less than 3 months remaining until the release of their seventh studio album Blood Money Part Zer0, New York City electro metal heads Dope are back with another music video – this one for the track “Best Of Me.” Front man Edsel Dope is an avid MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fanatic and made the sport the backdrop for the new video. The video stars Juliana “Killer” Miller – the recent winner of The Ultimate Fighter 30 – as one of the combatants in the video. The video was shot prior to Juliana’s win, which brought her an exclusive contract in the UFC. The video captures the spirit of the extreme sport as the band as the band performs their latest single around the action. The visually captivating video was directed by Edsel Dope / Co Directed by Matt Zane and can be seen here.

I’m a huge MMA fan and this song presented a great opportunity for me to create a visual piece that showcases my passion for the sport. We had such a great time filming this video and I’m so proud of Juliana for kicking so much ass in the UFC,“ explains Edsel Dope.

To coincide with the release of the new song, Dope is releasing the track listing and album cover for the upcoming album, Blood Money Part Zer0. The band has already released the songs: “Believe (Feat. Drama Club),” “Fuck It Up” and “No Respect.” Blood Money Part Zer0 is the band’s first release in 7 years and is the follow up to 2016’s highly successful Blood Money Part 1, which debuted at #27 on the Billboard top 200, selling over 15K units in its first week. Dope has sold more than a million combined albums and have amassed an incredible audience of nearly 2-million monthly listeners on Spotify, while racking up more than 130 million plays on their cult classic “Die MF Die.” In a move to demonstrate the bands sincere appreciation to their loyal fanbase for more than 2 decades, the band is giving away Blood Money Part Zer0 for FREE digitally. Longtime fans, curious listeners and people that enjoy gratis music can sign up to download the album for free on the band’s website. A physical pre-order will also be available on the band’s website for fans that want to purchase the new album in various physical available here.

The track listing for Blood Money Part Zer0 Is:

1) No Respect
2) Believe
3) Best Of Me
4) Choke
5) Dead World
6) Misery
7) Love Song
8) Dive
9) Parasite
10) Row
11) Fuck It Up
12) Wide

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