We Want You Bleeders! American Tour at Marquee Theatre

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May 24 th , 2024 at the Marquee Theatre was certainly a night to remember. The evening opened with a
bang when Dark Divine took the stage. The Florida-based band kicked off with a heavy-hitting opening
set perfect for raising fans’ energy and engaging a crowd. Singer Anthony Martinez brings a presence to
the stage that can only be compared to greats such as Chris Motionless of Motionless in White and
Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. Prominent percussion and stunning vocals amazed this audience
consistently throughout the performance. Conversations amongst the crowd confirmed quickly that
Dark Divine’s spooky themes and foundational metal sound were the perfect fit for this tour.

Creeper, hailing from the U.K., took the stage next. Their rock and roll sound with heavy elements of
punk influence was the perfect transition for the evening. Crowd participation was alive and well, as fans
sang lyrics empathically back to vocalist Will Gould. Guitarists Ian Miles and Lawrie Pattison never
missed a beat. Even while transitioning from “Down Below,” a fast-paced rock anthem, to “The Ballad of
Spook & Mercy,” a haunting gothic serenade, the band seemed at home and completely confident on
stage. Their vampiric theming and cryptic lyrics were just an added bonus on what was already a very
impressive performance.

Taking the stage third was Ghostkid. The German metalcore band brought their usual dynamic sound,
implementing heavy guitar and gritty vocals which fans of early Electric Callboy will, of course, be no
strangers to. Drummer Steve Joakim truly stole the show. This night being the second-to-last stop on the
tour, each band pulled harmless pranks on one another all evening, including removing Steve’s drum kit
from the stage one piece at a time, mid-song. He played on, arguably even harder than before, and the
set ended rife with laughs and good energy.

Black Veil Brides took the stage last with a spectacular entrance. The Bleeders Tour, promoting the
band’s anticipated EP of the same name, brings a new and refreshing twist to what is always a stellar
performance. Fully embracing their current Sweeney Todd-inspired era, Black Veil Brides have
incorporated props, sets, and bloody theatrics into their set while still bringing all of the traditional
elements we love from a good rock show. The set itself is heavy with newer tracks such as “Bleeders,”
and the band’s recent Sisters of Mercy cover, “Temple of Love.” However, they do still make time for
their more nostalgic numbers, including “Rebel Love Song” and “Knives and Pens.” The Bleeders era is
sure to be an impressive and enticing one. This band knows and loves their audience, and never fails to
blow them away.

Photos By: Adam Messler / ThatBlindGuyPhotographer

Black Veil Brides



Dark Divine

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