We Are In Transit (WAIT) Release New Single “I Climb Downhill”

We Are In Transit (WAIT) Release New Single “I Climb Downhill”

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Baltimore tech-metal outfit WAIT(We Are In Transit) have released a new single from their upcoming debut album. The new track, titled “I Climb Downhill”, is out today and accompanied by a visualizer.

WAIT first took shape when guitarist Charlie Eron partnered with Max Phelps (of Cynic and Defeated Sanity fame). The band released their self-titled EP in 2019, with bassist Alex Weber and drummer Anup Sastry rounding out the lineup at this point.

The debut studio album from WAIT‘The End of Noise’, will see a February 11th, 2022 release via The Artisan Era!

Speaking on the new album, the members of WAIT comment:

“‘The End of Noise’ is a synonym for the stillness of the mind when one is either in a deep meditative state, asleep, or dead. “Noise” refers to the mental static one hears and feels resulting from a neverending barrage of stimuli. In the process of writing ‘The End of Noise’, Charlie turned 30, and the typical existential crisis that occurs at that stage in life influenced the dramatic nature of the writing and lyrical content. While the previous EP could be described as esoteric and under-the-skin deep, ‘The End of Noise’ aims to conceptually drill to the very core of the Earth.”

‘The End of Noise’ Tracklist:

  1. Half Funeral
  2. Earth’s Last Orbit
  3. Lone Presence Supreme
  4. Reverie
  5. I Climb Downhill
  6. The End of Noise
  7. Until the Road is Closed

Pre-Order ‘The End of Noise’ HERE

About WAIT:

WAIT was formed circa 2016 by guitarist Charlie Eron and vocalist/guitarist Max Phelps (Exist, Cynic, Defeated Sanity, Death To All). With the addition of bassist Alex Weber (Exist, Malignancy, Svengahli, Ex-Sabbath Assembly, ex-Jeff Loomis), the trio released their debut EP “We Are in Transit” in 2019 with drums by Anup Sastry. WAIT’s music is about the process of living, and how time is starkly linear and unrecoverable. Their debut full-length record, “The End of Noise”, is about the inner mercilessness of everyday existence.

FFO: Textures, Intronaut, Exist, Warforged
WAIT Online:

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