Porsche 718 Boxster By 2025?

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Porsche has made much of its commitment to moving towards electric vehicles, and we’ve already seen concrete steps in that direction. The company has introduced the Taycan, the electric Macan is in the works and other models will follow. According to Car and Driver, one of them could be the 718 Boxster, which Porsche plans to produce in an all-electric version in 2025.

Various internal and external sources at Porsche told the U.S. magazine that the future 718 Boxster will be all-electric. In getting to that, it will follow a different path than the 911, which, again according to Car and Driver, will keep its combustion engine beyond 2030 and may never switch to hybridity.

Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine an electric 911. It would be a Porsche, but it would no longer really be a 911.

The 718 would continue to be sold as in Boxster and Cayman formats. Its styling would remain relatively similar to the current models, though expect the front end to be Taycan-inspired.

Recall that the design of the next 718 has just been foreshadowed by the Mission R concept shown at the Munich Auto Show. That prototype gives a good idea of what a production 718 Cayman EV could look like.

Porsche Mission R concept
Porsche Mission R concept, front

On board, we anticipate something very modern and trendy, as the model’s future customers will demand. In China, which is the model’s the largest market, the average age of a 718 buyer is only 31. The company must take this into account.

Of course, we don’t know anything about the powertrains yet, but according to Car and Driver, the base versions of the electric 718 will benefit from a rear engine, while at the top of the range, an additional front engine will provide all-wheel drive. And like with the Mission R concept, the upcoming Boxster would have a single-speed transmission; the Taycan, in contrast, uses a two-speed unit.

The model should be ready by 2024 and land in North America as a 2025 edition. The gas-powered version could be sold alongside it, at least initially. The continued existence of that variant will be determined by the upcoming Euro 7 emissions regulations, which could have implications for manufacturers’ ability to continue to improve the efficiency of their gasoline engines.

Of course, none of this is confirmed. However, given the source of the report, there could very well be fire behind the smoke.

Stay tuned.

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